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As a leading international medical tourism company, Satori World Medical assists patients in accessing high-quality, affordable health care. The company’s unique business platform combines superior customer service with the highest quality of patient care and groundbreaking programs such as the Health & Shared Wealth program.

Seeking to reach as many people as possible, Satori World Medical was designed as a 100% medical benefit, with no out-of-pocket expenses for patients. Satori’s Health & Shared Wealth program significantly reduces overall costs by 40 to 80% for patients, employers, employers, and insurance companies. The program channels the savings back to the patient in the form of a set amount per Satori medical procedure to be placed into a Health Reimbursement Account by the employer.

Satori’s global health care network includes hospitals and physicians on nearly every continent. These International Centers of Excellence have been personally inspected by Satori’s quality assurance lead, Ron Johnson, M.D., F.A.C.S., to ensure that every facility and physician measures up to the company’s strict standards and remains aligned with the American Medical Association’s Guidelines on Medical Tourism.

Led by founder and CEO Steven Lash, Satori has built a team of highly experienced Nurse Patient Advocates and Travel Care Coordinators. Each Nurse Patient Advocate works closely with the patient to help choose the International Center of Excellence and surgeon who best fits his or her needs. Additionally, Nurse Patient Advocates arrange all records transfer between patients’ U.S.-based and overseas physicians, as well as any follow-up car, when they return.

In addition to arranging medical procedures, Satori also takes care of any and all travel arrangements for the client and allows a companion of his or her choice. Every aspect of the patient’s medical journey is organized by trained Travel Care Coordinators, including airfare, ground travel, and accommodations. Satori’s Travel Care Coordinators are available 24 hours a day in order to guarantee a smooth process and reduce any hassles that the patient may encounter.

Satori World Medical is based in San Diego, California. For more information, call (866) 613-9686 or visit SatoriWorldMed.com.

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